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About the Teacher

Zini Xu, Masters in piano performance, Bachelors in piano pedagogy(piano teaching).

Certified Harmony road and Kindermusik educator.

Over ten years of piano teaching throughout the States.
Taught children music and piano classes at K-12 schools.
Taught adults piano lessons at state universities.
Member of MTNA (Music Teacher National Association)
Presenter at the MTNA national conference.


Teaching Philosophy

The goal of playing piano is not just how fast and accurate one can play. Expression is far more important although it is based on basic techniques such as finger agility, wrist rotation, sightreading and so on. Students will obtain the ability to learn and play the music from scratch to completion on their own at the time they graduate from my studio.


Benifit of Playing Piano

As people say speaking another language will enrich one's life, music is another form of language, and it is an universal language. To study music means to obtain a tool to understand others.


Piano is the only instrument that lets us play melody and accompaniment simultaneously. That makes piano the best instrument to learn in order to understand music. Piano will not only make your life abundant, but will also influence those around you the same way.

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